Introduced in Book 1

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Eden Rivers

Introduced in Book 1


Logan Rivers

Introduced in Book 1


Angel Estoban

Introduced in Book 1



Introduced in Book 3



Introduced in Book 4

(Chen Ping)


Introduced in Book 5



Introduced in Book 6


"Courage is being scared to death

 and mounting up anyway."

                                  - John Wayne

Epilectra is our heroine. She's turned her disability, epilepsy, into a super-ability. She creates and leads a team of unique superheroes called SEEZ, the members of which all have different disabilities they've morphed into superpowers. 

Eden is Epilectra's human self. She's a 5th grade social studies teacher who lives in

New York City, and she develops epilepsy after being struck by lightning at a family Thanksgiving dinner in Philadelphia.

Logan is Eden's younger brother. He's hit by the same lightning at the same dinner as his sister. He's also a New Yorker and an electrical engineer. After being struck, Logan becomes paralyzed from the waist down. He also turns into an engineering savant, so he manages SEEZ's computer systems and builds its one-of-a-kind gear.

Angel is a wealthy, attractive, mid-50's Latino gentleman who lives in the penthouse of Eden's apartment building. He's searching for something meaningful in his life and after becoming friendly with Logan and Eden, he helps them to establish SEEZ and becomes an integral part of the organization.

Insulator, whom Epilectra initially meets as Jane, is the first superhero to join SEEZ after its founders. She has type 1 diabetes and is "insulated" from natural forces such as water, fire, cold, and disease.

Aupticus is the second superhero to joins the SEEZ team. Miles is Aupticus' human name. He's autistic and rarely makes eye contact. But when he does, he's able to engage neuro-plasticity -- literally changing the connections between the neurons, and hence the behavior, of the individual with whom he's interacting.

Chen Ping (or C.P.) is Chinese for "vast" and "stable." This is ironic since he's slight of frame and depends on a cane because of cerebral palsy. But his cane, passed down through generations, has spectacular abilities. It aids C.P. with his stability, but destabilizes foes with muscle freezing omega rays that shoot from its base.

Endo-Girl, known as Patricia to her classmates, is just 16 years old, so she's SEEZ's youngest superhero. She's suffers from endometriosis that, every month, keeps her out of school for several days with severe cramping and heavy bleeding. Recently, another symptom of her condition has become apparent. She can channel her "abundant outflow" to her muscles and become super strong (and also kinda magenta!).  



Introduced in Book 1

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BlaqOut is the first villain Epilectra encounters. He's an alien vanquished to Earth by his parents in order to prove his worth. His power is manipulating light and dark, and he causes a massive power outage in New York City. At the end of Book 1, we learn that BlaqOut may reappear later in the series.

River Rager

Introduced in Book 3

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River Rager is half man and half shark, and he's bored living at the bottom of the Hudson River. Plus he's disgusted with how humans have polluted his home. He decides to expand his domain by flooding the Hudson so it meets the East River, thus turning all of New York into his underwater playground. His sidekick is Crusty the Crustacean.  


Introduced in Book 4

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A brilliant outcast with a science obsession, Vanessa's parents send her to boarding school to instill discipline and get a well-rounded education. There, she's tormented with mediocrity and bullying, so she runs away and builds a laboratory in New York's sewers. Intent on revenge, she develops a virus to release on the people who've made her life miserable.


Introduced in Book 6


Archie is an enormous arachnid, nearly five feet across from toe to tow! For a long time, he lived on city rats, squeezing them to death with his silk threads and sucking out their innards. But he outgrew that food source and moved onto stray cats and dogs. Recently, he's been lurking around playgrounds eyeing fat babies and tasty looking toddlers.

Supporting Characters

Elaine Rivers

Introduced in Book 1


Elaine is Eden and Logan's mother, and she lives in Philadelphia with their father.  She's often Eden's confidante.

Principal Higgins

Introduced in Book 1

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This is the principal at Eden's school. It's with him that she first experiences Epilectra's powers.

P.S. 258

5th grade 

Introduced in Book 1

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Eden's 5th grade class at Public School 258 plays an integral role in Epilectra's adventures, especially perpetual trouble maker, Henry.

Crusty the Crustacean

Introduced in Book 3

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River Rager's sidekick, Crusty, adds humor and often sees possibilities where

River Rager does not.