Hi. I'm Epilectra,  

  I lead a team of superheroes who turn their disabilities into super-abilities. We battle villains, fight injustice, and work to make the world a better place. I have epilepsy, but I don't let it stop me from taking on the next challenge.  

  I haven't always had epilepsy. It started when my younger brother, Logan, and I drove from New York City to Philadelphia to have Thanksgiving with our parents.  There was a lightning storm during dinner and the house was hit. That bolt zapped both our brains.  

  Did you know that being struck by lightning can cause seizures? After I got used to the idea of having epilepsy (two seizures gets you a diagnosis), I discovered I could make the errant electrical activity in my brain run through my fingertips out into the world as lightning. That made epilepsy pretty cool. Being able to shoot lightning is my superpower. Kind of ironic, right? Logan also ended up with some very interesting repercussions from that storm.

  With help from our friend Angel, Logan and I started SEEZ, an organization for superheroes who, like me, have turned disabilities into superpowers. SEEZ stands for Support & Empower Everyone Zealously. My quote on the right, "Your Difference Is Your Strength," is our motto.    


"Your Difference 


  Your Strength"                    - Epilectra


  In addition to being our team of superheroes, SEEZ is also a real-life nonprofit. Its mission is to empower people with disabilities and their loved ones to live productive and fulfilling lives by providing the necessary resources, information, camaraderie, and support. What's really cool is they've asked me to be their spokeshero! Check it out at www.SEEZ.us.

  I know I make a positive difference in the world, and my epilepsy lets me to do that. I've grown to like being a little different. After all, everyone's different in one way or another.

 Enjoy my website. Maybe I'll meet you walking around New York one day!



Print out this page and keep this card on you
to remind yourself that you, too, are a superhero!

Be Strong

Face your challenges. Don't accept defeat.

Be Determined 

Find different ways to do things. Don't give up.

Kids with Capes
Be Compassionate

Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Take time for yourself. Be compassionate to yourself.

Be Helpful

Helping someone else can also help yourself.

Be Forthright

Everyone's got something different. Be honest about yours. Don't hide. Educate.

Be Yourself

There's only one YOU. Be proud of who you are.


"Epilectra exemplifies people with epilepsy. Like this character, they have unlimited potential if they're willing to tap into it. Furthermore, it does take a type of 'superpower' to successfully manage this challenging condition."

  Orrin Devinsky, MD

  Director, Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, affiliated with NYU Langone Tisch Hospital, New York, NY

  New York Magazine, Top 20 Doctors for more than 20 years

"Epilectra provides a wonderful medium through which young people with epilepsy can safely face the uncertainly and frustration they experience."

  Scott E. Hirsch MD

  Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology, Psychiatry, and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, NYU Grossman      School of Medicine

Epilectra's creator, Sue, was featured by

the Epilepsy Foundation of America on December 3, 2020,

in honor of International Day of Persons with Disabilities.  

The wonderful story talks about Sue's inspiration for Epilectra's creation and how she believes it's possible for

anyone with a disability to be their own superhero.



I am forever indebted to 

Ben Shutyak, without whom 

this web site wouldn't exist.  

Thank you, Ben.