"Promise me you'll always remember: 

You're BRAVER than you BELIEVE,

and STRONGER than you FEEL,

and SMARTER than you THINK."

- Christopher Robin to Pooh Bear

(A.A. Milne)

Coming soon, a Graphic Novel featuring Epilectra's
first three adventures. Stay tuned to this website
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Volume 1


BOOK 1:  SEEZation

BOOK 2:  Up On The Roof

BOOK 3:  River Rager

In the meantime, here's a summary of the adventures to come:


BOOK 1 begins with Thanksgiving at the River's family Philadelphia home. A fierce storm erupts, lightning strikes the house, and its occupants suffer both typical and unusual results. Eden Rivers, a New York-based, 5th grade social studies teacher, and her younger brother, Logan, an electrical engineer, end up in the hospital.  When they awake, their lives are forever changed. Eden now has epilepsy, and Logan is paralyzed from the waist down. The siblings eventually return to New York, fall turns to winter, and the pair learn that their new disabilities are far from typical. Logan has become an engineering savant, and Eden learns she can channel the seizure-causing electrical activity in her brain through her fingertips into the world as lightning. They meet Angel Estoban, the handsome, wealthy, Latino gentleman who lives in the penthouse of Eden's apartment building. All three seek a greater purpose in life. Eden decides to use her unusual new power to fight evil and serve humanity as Epilectra, and the trio create SEEZ (Support & Empower Everyone Zealously), a team of superheroes all of whom -- like Epilectra -- have turned disabilities they've morphed into super-abililies. Each of the founding three members plays a critical role in the new organization:  Angel funds it, provides its headquarters, and mentors its members; Logan creates, programs and runs its computer, communication, and technology systems; and Epilectra is SEEZ's leader and first superhero. In her first mission she faces off against BlaqOut, an ostracized alien, who cuts the power in New York, leaving the city dark and cold.


BOOK 2 opens the next morning with Eden, Logan, and Angel engaged in a BlaqOut mission debrief. Eden leaves for school, accidentally taking the duffel holding the Epilectra costume with her. She knows Logan will be mad, but she doesn't have time to turn around. She locks the costume in her desk. Eden takes her students on an "Inuit field trip" to school's roof where there's three feet of new snow. They build an igloo, make a small campfire with a bow drill (no matches allowed), and have s'mores for snack. Eden realizes troublemaker Henry is missing and finds him on the other side of the roof clinging to a ledge overlooking the playground. She dashes back to her classroom, unlocks the Epilectra costume, changes in the janitor's closet, runs out to the playground as Epilectra underneath where Henry is hanging, and tells him to let go. When Epilectra catches Henry, he remarks that she looks a lot like his teacher Miss Rivers. Back at SEEZ HQ, Eden and Logan argue about her taking the costume off-premises. She has a seizure and passes out. The next morning, Henry's rescue is on the front page of the New York and Philly papers. Eden's mother calls to ask if she's read about the city's new superhero. Eden confides that she's Epilectra, and makes her mom promise not to tell anyone. Her stunned mother agrees.

EPILECTRA BOOK 3:  River Rager

In the beginning of BOOK 3, Eden, Logan, and Angel hold a debrief about Epilectra's costume and Henry, and Logan apologizes. Elsewhere, the New York Police Department gets complaints about the Hudson River flooding, and after verifying these concerns, they order all New Yorkers to their rooftops. SEEZ's computers show that the river's rising water is due to a vortex caused by a circling man-shark. The man-shark, known as River Rager, wants all of New York as a playground for himself and his sidekick, Crusty the Crustacean, not just a few measly, miles of the Hudson. Logan informs the SEEZ team that lightning vaporizes water, and soon Epilectra is sending currents into the merged Hudson and East Rivers from the top of the Empire State Building. She also drops a note down to River Rager directing him toward the Atlantic Ocean. Once the water recedes, Epilectra heads down Broadway and back toward SEEZ HQ. She sees someone dry walking toward her. This is odd because New Yorkers are still on their rooftops. It's Insulator, who's diabetic and insulated from outside forces, including water. Epilectra takes Insulator back to SEEZ where she's voted in as its next superhero. Meanwhile, Logan's eyes are fixated on his computer screens where he sees a strange, green mist rising from the city's manhole covers. This hints at what's to come in BOOK 4 when we meet Virulant, a young, brilliant, scientifically-minded recluse who's built her laboratory in the sewers of New York.


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