4. When Eden becomes Epilectra in BOOK 1, she can shoot this through her fingertips.

6. Who finances SEEZ and becomes a partner in the organization?

8. Another name for brothers and sisters.

9. Eden’s younger brother.

14. Epilectra’s human self.

15. Epilectra’s adventures take place in this famous city.

18. When Aupticus does make eye contact, he engages his superpower – deep eye stimulation that alters thoughts and actions            by rearranging neural connections.  This process is known as what?

20. His heart attack reveals Epilectra’s powers to her.

22. After being struck by lightning, Logan becomes what type of savant?

23. Aupticus, BOOK 5’s new superhero, is uncomfortable with and rarely engages in eye contact because of this disability.

24. Insulator is protected from outside forces because of what disability?


1. Epilectra can travel at 320,000,000 feet per second when necessary.

2. Wisecracking, shrimp-like villainous sidekick.

3. Villain who floods New York, turning the city into his playground in BOOK 3.

5. Eden teaches this subject to her 5th graders.

7. After being struck by lightning, Eden develops what disability?

10. The most common symptom of epilepsy which fuels Epilectra’s superpower.

11. Organization for superheroes who turn their disabilities into super-abilities.

12. The villain Epilectra encounters in BOOK 1 who controls light and dark.

13. Eden and Logan are struck by lightning at a family dinner celebrating this holiday.

16. Introduced in BOOK 5, he’s the first male superhero to join SEEZ and the third disabled superhero in the Epilectra series.

17. At the end of BOOK 3, Logan sees green mist emanating from the city’s sewers on his computers. The muck is from an                   underground lab run by this villain who plans to sicken New York in an act of revenge.

19. She shoots lightning from her fingertips.

21. Heroine introduced at the end of BOOK 3 who is protected from all outside forces.


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