"Faith is not a noun,

but a verb"

- Elie Weisel

Sue Seserman 

Creator, Author, and Illustrator

  Sue Seserman is the Creator, Author, and Illustrator of Epilectra, and she couldn't be more proud, particularly because the graphic novel reflects many of her own battles with and successes over different autoimmune disorders, all while trying to live a "normal" life. She was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2013 and with type 1 diabetes in 1993.


  The graphic novel conveys the crucial message that being different should not invoke shame, but rather pride in the strength it takes to manage a disability and deal with the unknowns and inconveniences it throws your way. Epilectra's motto is, "Your Difference Is Your Strength," and everyone is different in one way or another.


  Ms. Seserman is a creative writer, memoirist, and publicist who, prior to starting a freelance writing career in 1990, worked in sports marketing for Edelman Public Relations in Chicago and as the Director of Public Relations for George Lucas's computer and video game company, LucasArts Entertainment, in San Francisco. Today she resides in Denver, Colorado and New York City with her husband, Doug, and their wonderdog, Scooter.

  She hopes Epilectra will provide senses of empowerment and possibility for anyone managing a disability, insight for their loved ones, and a positive entertainment experience for anyone who loves superhero adventures.